Our little wildflower turned 2 almost 2 months ago and here I am, finally sitting down to write a little bit about all the sugar and spice we’ve encountered at this sweet stage.  When blowing out her birthday candles and asked her how old she was, she cleverly replied “Not. 6…I’m 2.” (Because big bro is 6!)

Back in early September, just before the leaves began to turn in the crisp fall air, we set out to snap a few photos of this beautiful girl! She is finally warming up to the idea of dress-ups and so by bringing along her little butterfly wings and wooden birthday cake toy we were able to keep her engaged in the photos for at least a few minutes. (:

It’s so funny how such a little person can be so sweet and sooo sassy all at once. I sometimes find it hard to say no and discipline her when it’s all I can do to not laugh at her antics. Other times it is impossible to not get frustrated with her demands of “I do it myself!” when clearly, she cannot yet do…

Kesterson_0915_046Kesterson_0915_017Kesterson_0915_002midwest-film-family-photographer-111115-04midwest-film-family-photographer-111115-01midwest-film-family-photographer-111115-05Also while we were at it, Jeff also snapped a few of big guy Graham and my bulging 9-month belly, which I knew in hindsight would be beautiful even if I felt the exact opposite of beautiful at the time, (; 

We knew Violet would be a sweet big sis/mini mama because all summer she was quick to show off her own baby tummy…Which friends, you have to admit is sooo much cuter than the real thing! Ha!Kesterson_0915_063Kesterson_0915_025



One thought on “two and a tummy

  1. Kelly

    I soo hear you on the sweet and sassy! :) It is an amazing combination.

    So fun to see your sweet family. And you are right, you are beatiful in your pregnancy glory and how are your arms so toned in pregnancy?! Greatness. Kelly


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