living the swell life blog 020513Threeish years ago, my friend Amanda & I started a thing called Be Crafty, taking turns hosting craft parties at each other’s houses.  So many exciting ideas, opportunities, and projects have transpired since then!  In the last year Amanda has taken the idea under her wing and run with it, most recently transforming it into her own brand, blog + shop, and bringing these lovely workshops to creative women all over the country!  I am so proud of her for pouring so much time and love into this little thing that we started way back when and for all that it has become!! I am really grateful that I can still contribute to the cause here on the home front, by continuing to co-pilot our Minneapolis workshops and now occasionally sharing DIYs on the new Be Crafty blog!  Please hop over and admire all of Amanda’s hard work, and while you’re there, check out these popcorn Valentines I made, using ruffle crepe paper  & hot pink cups from Shop Sweet LuLu. As huge as my sweet tooth is, I love that popcorn treats provide a salty alternative to the traditional sugar high that is February 14th.  These come highly recommended for movie night with your sweetheart(s)!

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