It is always such a relief to cross projects off your Christmas to-do list!  This year we snapped some family photos at a nearby park–sneaking them in just in time before the snowflakes started flying.  Poor Violet cried pretty much the whole time, because it was so cold and windy out there!  This one was a winner, and am so thankful we got it, just a split second before the crocodile tears poured:DSC_6381I am a huge proponent of choosing just one, strong image for the front of a photo card.  There’s nothing wrong with collage cards, but I always think that one image can make for a much more stunning design, and pull your eyes in for a nice spot to “rest”, especially when there are often busy graphics and well-wishes with which to compete. Once we selected the image above for the front of our card, I set out to find the perfect graphics to surround it. I loved the golden grass in the background, but was having trouble figuring out how it would work well in a card design.  Since the background was neither light nor dark, both black and white letters seemed to get lost, and much to my chagrin, a gold or metallic card was definitely not going to work for us.  When I stumbled upon this design on Tiny Prints, I instantly fell in love with the golden yellow pinecone envelope liners, and the charming hand-painted look of the pinecones and pine sprigs made the perfect complement to our photo setting. Yay!DSC_0729

This was also the first year in a long time that we included a little letter with our card.  Hopefully it wasn’t to long-winded, but just a few sentences to keep our family & friends up to speed with our kiddos.  I printed the message on sheets of cardstock in sets of four, then cut them down to look more like Christmas tags. I also added a little gold yarn to mix things up and add a little sparkle and texture all in one. Jeff was a stellar sidekick, helping to stuff, seal, and stamp all of the cards with me.  We even managed to turn the big task into a sweet little date night–we cozied up on the couch one night, flipped on Lord of the Rings and got lost in our letters with our fireplace aglow.livingtheswelllifefamilyphotos14-01

Here are a few more of the photos that didn’t quite make the cut, but I love them just the same! (All but the one above on the right, the family photo which we choose to include on the back of the card):livingtheswelllifefamilyphotos14-02 DSC_6385

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  1. michele

    where on earth is that park? the trees are so lovely! and perfect with the card you picked out … the yellow is so cheery and festive! happy new year!


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