I cannot believe that this month our little spring chicken baby boy turned FIVE!  Birthdays are such bittersweet occasions–another sweet year of childhood in the books, but a new year of learning, growing, and milestones lay ahead!  We are so proud of this boy of ours but seriously, KINDERGARTEN is on the horizon…We are hoping the spring/summer months ahead will pass slowly and we can soak up our time together.

Last year at this time we had just moved into our new studio and threw a big outerspace birthday bash for G and his preschool friends.  This year we did not want to set a precedent, so we opted for a low-key birthday at home with just our family, then hit the indoor waterpark the following weekend with G’s aunt and uncle.  It was equally fun and much less stress. (:  I just did a few ultra simple decorations at home the night before, like taping up a curtain of streamers in his bedroom doorway.  It was so fun to see his reaction in the morning! Of course the party planner in me could not walk past the super cute gold polka-dot hats and noisemakers from Oh Joy’s line at Target!  I gussied up up G’s with a little paper fan and gold doily and it did my heart good to see him get so into it! (He was still wearing his hat 3 days later…)  

His one birthday wish was for a white funfetti cake.  Done.  I spangled it with nearly a whole jar of Easter egg sprinkles and crafted a little birthday bunting for the top using paper and gold glitter tape.

(Poor baby sis was pretty upset to learn she did not qualify for a piece of cake.  Maybe next year.)  And you guys. Please don’t judge.  We gave this boy the surprise of his little life when on his way home from preschool he discovered a brand new hot yellow Corvette Power Wheels parked outside our front door.  It had balloons tied to the steering wheel, but 3 were casualties of the rough sidewalk and wind situation.  Oh well. He had just enough time to squeal “thanks dad!” before burning rubber and racing down the sidewalk.  Yikes. I never want to forget his 5th birthday boy joy. (:DSC_5395-2

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