Living the Swell Life Blog Hello there! It is officially spring–and I am excited to share a fun little tutorial that I recently created for‘s kid craft section. This is a super simple little project, perfect for bringing a child joy or just as a cluster of springtime decor.  What I love most about these wheels is that they will actually spin when you’re all finished!!Living the Swell Life Blog

Materials & Tools:

wooden pencils with erasers
straight pearl sewing pins
needle nosed pliers
colorful cardstock or double-sided paper (available at your local scrapbooking store)

Step 1 :Bend pins

Using pliers, bend a 90-degree angle in pins, approximately 1/3 of the length from the pointed end.Living the Swell Life BlogStep 2 : Cut paper

Cut paper into 4×4″ squares. (Tip: 5×5″ makes a slightly larger, equally cute pinwheel.) Make 4 diagonal cuts toward the center. Stop at least half an inch shy of the center.

pencil-pinwheel-step-3Step3 : Form pinwheel

Place paper on table and fold points to the left of each cut toward the center. Hold firm with your forefinger.

Step 4 : Assemble with pin

Press pin through center of folded pinwheel, being careful to catch all 4 corners. Gently guide paper around the bend of pin, pushing the pinwheel to the pearl end. Next, firmly press the pointed end of pin straight down into the soft pencil eraser.pencil-pinwheel-step-4b

Now give it a spin! For a weather-resistant variation, try using oilcloth or laminated paper and enjoy your pinwheel in the great outdoors!

5 thoughts on “diy pencil & paper pinwheels

  1. Megan

    Love these. I made them for a friend’s bridal shower. I got some little metal buckets at the dollar store, florist foam, and shredded paper Easter grass to make cute centerpieces with!


  2. Noelle King

    I love this. I added a bead on the pin behind the pinwheel and it spins even better. Will also try adding some sequins behind the head of the pin for some bling! thank you for a great idea.


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