This boy.  Although he’s been up to even more mischief than usual around here, I must say that he’s been awesome at welcoming Violet into our family.  I knew we were throwing a lot of curve balls his way this fall when baby girl was born and the very next week he started a new preschool.  And on top of a new school and new friends, it is a dual language immersion program and basically his first encounter with Spanish, outside of watching the occasional Dora episode.  They say kids are flexible and he has proven to be no exception.  I’m amazed.  Every day he asks if it is a preschool day.  He seems to be flourishing there although he has made it quite clear that he doesn’t want to speak any Spanish at home.  (So don’t ask him.)livingtheswelllifeblog100313-02livingtheswelllifeblog100313-03
I needed to sit down and write a little bit about him, to commemorate the fact that he officially turns 4 and a HALF this week and to remember what a joy it is to mother him at this stage.  I need to remember that age four is way more than naughty stunts, picky eating, and time outs.  I love his imagination.  I love that he is hard core into super heroes and dressing up into all sorts of fantastical roles.  I adore that he is still innocent enough to love wearing his homemade Super G cape that I sewed for him last Christmas.  He’s too busy saving the world to pose for a photo in it–but I suppose the motion blur makes it more authentic.  Besides acts of heroism, we’ve been playing a lot of doctor, Candy Land, and playdough around here, and sprinkling in some elaborate train tracks and castles.  It’s awesome that his attention span is finally lengthening (although his hearing is unsurprisingly quite selective).  We just finished reading his first official chapter book–Charlotte’s Web.  And speaking of heroes, I never appreciated Charlotte’s unsung sacrifice for her friend Wilbur.  She was so clever and admirable, I wished she could be my friend. I cried when she died alone. I digress…

So Happy 4.5 Graham.  I am soaking you in, because you will soon be reading and writing and riding your bike without training wheels and have no time for capes and mismatching masks.


livingtheswelllifeblog-093013-03This girl is getting so very big! She is five weeks old already. How I wish I could just bottle up her sweetness and keep it forever! It seems like yesterday I was enormously pregnant, spending long hours at the sewing machine trying to tackle this project with a heart full of anticipation and so much unknown.  I did not know if I’d be tucking a boy or a girl in under these stitches, nor did I know how much our life would change when the baby arrived! Also, I had never sewn a quilt before but all the quilters I knew reassured me that if I could sew a straight line, I could do this!  Although I didn’t have a pattern or a mentor, I had inspiration…Four years ago at a garage sale, I scored the vintage quilt of a lifetime.  It had this same butterfly pattern and its home is now atop G’s bed (which sits in the same room, opposite of V’s crib).  I tried to replicate the same butterfly pattern with this quilt, using only scraps from my fabric stash–Half are vintage and half are newish!  (Also as an aside–the white crib skirt is actually just a lace cafe curtain that I picked up at the thrift store for $3!)
DSC_8515The result is very piecemeal, but I like it a lot.  I love that each of these pieces holds a little memory, whether it was used in a past project or was gifted/swapped from a friend.   I think it’s sort of beautiful and almost symbolic that a bunch of remnants from the past could be pieced together to make something completely new.  One of my favorite chunks of fabric was leftover from the little kimono that I sewed once upon a time for my baby G.livingtheswelllifeblog-093013-08livingtheswelllifeblog-093013-02DSC_8470The quilt is complete and the crib is finally set up.  Now if only we could get this baby girl to learn to love sleeping in it…

It’s crazy that it’s been exactly 4 weeks since this sweet little love joined the world.  We adore this baby girl!  Even more difficult than finding words to write this post, has been finding the time to finally sit down and share a little bit about her birth and first month with us.  Guess I’m just a normal sleep-deprived mama, who would much rather soak up sweet newborn chest naps than sit and stare at a computer screen.  This time is seriously so, so fleeting.

Violet Felicity | 8lb 12oz | 21 in of loveDSC_5587violet

Remember when we guessed the what/when of our baby?  I cannot believe that she was born within 3 hours of my vote!  I think once my mom came to stay with us to take care of Graham and Jeff was done shooting his August weddings, my body just relaxed and knew it was finally show time!  I think in retrospect I can say on the record I knew deep down that we were having a girl, but was always too afraid to admit it–in case I was wrong and/or disappointed.  Healthy babes are all that matter. And boys are awesome.  But seriously. I still can’t believe we got a GIRL!! What an amazing, beautiful surprise!! God is so good, friends!Violet-birth_16livingtheswelllifeblog091613-02violetbirth1violetbirth2livingtheswelllifeblog091613-04livingtheswelllifeblog091613-03

I adore birth & birth stories and so I hope you don’t mind that I share a little bit about Violet’s arrival here. I need to write down the details for myself in order to remember this amazing, happy day!  But if you want to skip over because the photos are the best part anyway, I completely get it… READ OUR BIRTH STORY HERE!

PinkThere are certainly no shortage of pink things around here (after all, it’s one of my all-time favorite colors!), but today a quick and easy triple berry smoothie is coloring my world and tastebuds.  What’s pink in your world today!? Come play along with our weekly photo challenge, by adding #onewordwednesday to your post or insta!  (More deets here).  Next week’s word: PROJECTonewordwednesdaypinkcollageClockwise from Left: Leslie // Amanda // Jenna // Bethany // Briana

aqua four post bedLast weekend we ended up having the sort of chill, relaxing weekend I imagine normal people have.  Nowhere we absolutely had to be with nothing we absolutely had to do.  Our weekends are usually filled to the brim with work of one kind or another, so we savored this sweet time and just sort of hung low, caught up around the house, and loved every minute.  We kicked things off with a pizza and movie party on Friday night.  G insisted that we watch Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin…It was snowing outside anyway so I gave up.  We were cozy and it was perfect.  Saturday I baked and baked some more and even sat down to work on a few sewing projects.  Seriously, it was so relaxing and it made my heart happy!  Sunday after church we went out for lunch, stopped here and brought home my favorite vintage find to date…This lovely pale blue four post bed!  Once we set it all up in our guest room, we spent a little time breaking it in and snuggling.  Well–Jeff and I sort of snuggled while G jumped on and around us.  This little bed is a gem and I have never been more excited to host overnight guests!