Just when we thought that life could not possibly get sweeter…living the swell life blog 032313-01Living the Swell Life Blog 032313-03A little miracle happened, and G is finally going to be a BIG BROTHER!!
Living the Swell Life Blog 032313-02We are SO EXCITED!!! Bebe Deux, due Late August friends!! So far this pregnancy could best be summed up as completely wonderful yet super surreal.

To be extremely transparent for a moment: At this time last year, we were going through a difficult miscarriage. I have never mustered the courage to write about this publicly, but I really wanted to acknowledge that it happened, because it was rough and I know it is so very common. It was a really cloudy time in my life and my heart breaks for anyone who ever has or will face that.  I have never felt so empty and yet so filled by Jesus’ love. It really is true that he is near to the broken-hearted. I am so grateful for sweet friends who prayed over me and helped us heal during that time.

I just felt compelled to be real about this, because it lends so much perspective to exactly how amazingly blessed we’re feeling right about now!  I felt so guarded about our news for the entire first trimester, and surprised myself (and my midwife) when I burst into tears the first time I heard this precious little heartbeat.  And now that my belly has popped and my jeans are super snug, it is feeling more wonderful and real every second.  G is so excited to be a brother and is already hatching all sorts of plans for “our baby”.  This time around, we’re keeping everyone in suspense and saving the gender reveal party for the delivery room!  It is so fun to dream about what we’ll get. (:

Living the Swell Life Blog Hello there! It is officially spring–and I am excited to share a fun little tutorial that I recently created for HGTV.com‘s kid craft section. This is a super simple little project, perfect for bringing a child joy or just as a cluster of springtime decor.  What I love most about these wheels is that they will actually spin when you’re all finished!!Living the Swell Life Blog

Materials & Tools:

wooden pencils with erasers
straight pearl sewing pins
needle nosed pliers
colorful cardstock or double-sided paper (available at your local scrapbooking store)

Step 1 :Bend pins

Using pliers, bend a 90-degree angle in pins, approximately 1/3 of the length from the pointed end.Living the Swell Life BlogStep 2 : Cut paper

Cut paper into 4×4″ squares. (Tip: 5×5″ makes a slightly larger, equally cute pinwheel.) Make 4 diagonal cuts toward the center. Stop at least half an inch shy of the center.

pencil-pinwheel-step-3Step3 : Form pinwheel

Place paper on table and fold points to the left of each cut toward the center. Hold firm with your forefinger.

Step 4 : Assemble with pin

Press pin through center of folded pinwheel, being careful to catch all 4 corners. Gently guide paper around the bend of pin, pushing the pinwheel to the pearl end. Next, firmly press the pointed end of pin straight down into the soft pencil eraser.pencil-pinwheel-step-4b

Now give it a spin! For a weather-resistant variation, try using oilcloth or laminated paper and enjoy your pinwheel in the great outdoors!

livingtheswelllifeblog 032513-01Hello there friend!! I am delighted that you stumbled upon this new little space of mine.  It’s been a long time coming–I’d been feeling that I’d outgrown my blogspot roots long ago, but had been too busy and too chicken to make the big jump.  Now that our photography schedule has eased up a bit, the day has finally come to begin posting on a big girl wordpress site, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made the switch!  It makes way more sense in so many ways.  Most importantly, I have a clean & splendid slate to set my mind to creating + writing again. Change is good!  I hope you’ll update your bookmarks & google reader (however much longer that lasts!) so that you can continue to follow me here! (:livingtheswelllifeblog032513-02

Not only have I switched up blogs, but I’ve also carved out a new little sewing space in our house. After living in our basement for 6 months, Jeff’s little bro has moved out and we’ve reclaimed the space as a playroom for G and a sewing area for me! It is affording me more room to spread out and feel inspired.  We’ve been spending lots of time down here and I’ve been diving into some sewing projects using vintage sheets, fabrics, and trims.  So fun!