It has been so bitterly cold here.  In January, G’s preschool was cancelled FOUR different days due to dangerously cold windchills.  Blizzard? Two feet of snow? No problem.  But we cancel school here in Minnesota when it’s -40 or something.  Needless to say, we’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever.  I have been racking my brain and that thing called pinterest to find activities to keep this boy busy indoors.  If there is a silver lining in all this icy misery, it’s that it helped us get a jump on our Valentine’s crafting!!  I had G fold and cut hearts out of 2 dozen plain white notecards.  {Sidenote: I can clearly remember learning this heart cutting technique as a kid.  I swear it was my first crafty breakthrough in life. The possibilities are endless!}  Using a shallow takeout dish with a snap on LID, we added a few beads, marbles, even a golf ball that we found around the house.  Mix in a few squirts of paint, and all of the swirling consumed us for an entire morning.  He is excited to share these with his friends at school!livingtheswelllifeblog-020514-03livingtheswelllifeblog-111813-05DSC_9437


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