November is here and has brought with it the chill of winter. It is snowing outside as I write this! For the past couple years, I’ve spent this month writing through 30 Days of Gratefulness. I hadn’t necessarily planned to do the same this year–it seems such a tall order for a girl who blogs so infrequently, but it’s a tradition that I’ve come to love. Even if I seem to list the same things each year, the practice of giving thanks and finding deliberate delight in each day is always a gift for my heart. My life is filled to the brim with blessings and I cannot pause enough to reflect on them. So here I go, getting caught up to speed, 5 days in:

1. Indoor plumbing. // Friday was my grandma’s 86th birthday. It was such a special gift that we could celebrate with her! During dinner she spoke about her days growing up in rural Minnesota, attending a one room school, etc. It wasn’t until she was a sophomore in high school that her family had plumbing on their farm! Using a drafty outhouse during the chill of winter is something I cannot fathom! And to think it was the only option just 2 generations ago makes me feel so glad to live luxuriously in this place and time!

2. Parents. // I took G and V to visit my parents this weekend and we had a blast just spending time. I am so grateful for the way they love my kids just as much (if not more!) than I do! On Saturday, My dad raked a leaf fort for G in the yard which he promptly barreled through and destroyed. Meanwhile, my mom helped me with the dreaded task of replacing the elastic in 20 cloth diapers. Baby girl and I are so grateful!

3. Baby coos. // I had somehow forgotten how sweet the early days of smiles + sounds could be. My cup runs over every time.

4. Clean kitchen counters and swept floors. // Lately these simple standards of cleanliness have become a feat to maintain and a treat to enjoy.

5. The air in my lungs, the blood beating through my heart, and everything else that keeps me altogether. // The fact that I never stop to think about these things means that I am healthy and able. Life is nothing short of a miracle.

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