dsc_3031I always feel a bit conflicted at this time of year, wanting Thanksgiving to feel like the culmination of autumn, magical celebration of harvest and gratitude that it is.  At the same time, I look out my window and see snow and Christmas cheer and I sort of want in on that too. This year I am finding ways to bridge the gap a bit. I’d had an itch to create these felt acorns for quite some time, and split the stash two ways: Some into festive fall/Thanksgiving Day napkin rings and the rest into tiny Christmas ornaments. Both seemed to fit the blurred lines of the season quite well. (:
img_2986First, let me share how I made these sweet ornaments:

Acorn caps
Felt balls
Gold thread + needle
Hot glue gun + many extra glue sticks
dsc_2985Mind you, I had to search far and wide for these acorn caps! You’d think they’d be a dime a dozen in the fall, but I literally looked beneath every oak tree I knew and they simply did not exist this year. I learned a very important lesson: Apparently oak trees drop acorns in a cyclical pattern, and this was a down year across Minnesota.  Luckily, etsy came to the rescue and I was able to purchase a whole slew of acorn caps and have them delivered to my door step.
I didn’t have the gumption to felt my own wool balls this time around, so I took a short cut and ordered these. After a little trial & error, I found that the 15mm size seemed to fit my caps most perfectly.
dsc_3001Step 1: Using a small bit, drill two holes through the acorn caps
dsc_2994Step 2: Bring thread through the cap so that both ends face out, make a loop and tie a knot.
img_2974Step 3. Add a very large glob of hot glue in your cap. More glue will help even out the proportions of the felt balls and acorn caps. (:
Easy as that! I have big plans for these ornaments to do double duty as gift toppers at Christmastime…
dsc_3007Now back to those napkin rings. When it comes to Thanksgiving, I probably do better on the decorations committee than wrestling the bird. I mean, cooking that turkey is just so much pressure! So I thought it would be fun to add a little pop of color to our Thanksgiving table.
For the rings, you will need the same supplies as above, plus:

Lace trim
Cheap plastic shower curtain rings
dsc_3004Step 1. Cut burlap into long 1.5″ strips, add a glob of hot glue to the end and wrap tightly around your ring. The burlap got a bit too distressed for my taste during the wrapping process, so I was sure to give all the rings a trim before proceeding to the next step.
dsc_3008dsc_3010Step 2. Tie apx 5″ of lace to the ring and secure your acorns! Note that I used twin acorns for this project. You could achieve the same effect by drilling holes in caps and wiring acorns one by one to the ring. (:
dsc_3012I played around with several different ideas, trying colorful fabrics and washi tape on the rings themselves, but I just kept coming back to the ubiquitous burlap + lace. It’s so very fall and I love that it stays neutral to let the pretty wool felt do all the singing. (:
And one last little outtake of the junior crafting crew behind me as I hot glued the afternoon away. Perler beads are all the rage here right now. Fine motor skills for the win. (:
img_2981Happy Thanksgiving dear ones. So grateful for quiet crafting time to keep me sane and for small beauties in this weary world. xoxo.

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  1. Sherri

    We make felt acorns as well, with our boys. They are so fun to make…and super cute! We just love your photographs; you perfectly capture the magical moments of family life!


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