DSC_9959-2Yesterday afternoon we had a little Easter egg dying party!  G was SO excited to color these–he watched like a hawk while we hard boiled the dozen.  Since I only make eggs this way once a year, I will fully admit I don’t really know what I’m doing! Last year I was super disappointed when one or two of the eggs cracked and leaked in the pot.  This year, I learned a trusty trick and all 12 survived the boiling phase…Did you know that if you cover the eggs with cold water in the pot, then turn it up to a boil, they do better?  You just bring them to a boil for a minute or two, then remove from the heat and cover the pot for 12ish minutes.  Also, adding one tablespoon of vinegar helps seal any cracks that happen during the boiling process.  Sorry if this is completely obvious to you–I was just so excited to learn this! Yay! DSC_9950-2We also tried a new little trick while dying them…Double dipping! I was SO impressed with G, for being patient and super careful with the eggs in the little dye baths.  He has grown up so much! DSC_9964-2I love how some of the eggs turned out to have clean, defined lines and others blended together like watercolors.  Yum.  DSC_9990-2double dipped easter eggs - living the swell life blogWhile we waited for the dye to dry, we gussied up an old egg carton with a coat of mint green paint, a coffee filter rose, & a doily.  The eggs will be transported safely & stylishly to Grandma’s house this weekend!  We arranged them so that the two-tone would be a surprise when you pull them out of the carton! (: double dipped easter eggs - living the swell life blogDSC_0008-2DSC_0013-2

Happy Easter Darlings!!

5 thoughts on “double dipped easter eggs

    1. Jessica Post author

      thanks amy!! as you know, it is super hard to relinquish artistic control and trust our littles! i’m seriously so proud that this happened spill free! (:


  1. Jenna

    So pretty. I haven’t dyed eggs in years because 1. We don’t eat many hard boiled eggs and 2. it’s just more fun with kids (or as a kid). These are so pretty though I might just run out to the store and try it anyways. Happy Easter to you and your family!


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