livingtheswelllifecoffeefilterwreathtutorial03I can’t seem to stop making these little wreaths this year! Something about Christmastime kick starts my crafting. Each wreath I make seems to turn out better than the last. It seems crazy that something so lovely could be so simple and inexpensive to make.  These wreaths are the perfect gifts for all of the hostesses/teachers on my list!

1. Gather supplies: Coffee filters (ever notice how they come in little clumps of 40ish?, that’s because it is the perfect amount to make one wreath!) Ha! You’ll also need 2 bags of black tea, 1 paper plate, gold paint, gold spray glitter, low-temp hot glue gun, paintbrushes, scissors and a ribbon for hanging.DSC_0766

2. With your filters still in a stack, paint around the edges. No need to be a neat-freak here. The distressed look adds to the charm.


3. Steep 2 bags of tea in 2 cups of hot water.
4. While your tea is brewing (and cooling), cut out the center circle of your paper plate.


5. Grabbing 3-4 filters at a time, soak them in your tea, then wring out the excess.  Lay flat to dry for several hours or overnight. Note: I dipped mine in quickly, but I’m sure you could experiment with longer dye times to achieve a deeper color.DSC_0774

6. Once your coffee filters are completely dry, fold them into quarters.  Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom point of your folded filter and begin gluing/layering them around your plate.  I chose to glue mine approximately 3/4″ apart. You can experiment with gluing filters in a more dense /loose pattern to achieve a more full/thin-looking wreath.  Once you are done, your wreath will look like this, which is actually kind of a cool, modern look in and of itself. I’m all for the poofy vintage ruffled look, so I don’t stop here…DSC_0780

7. The next part is super simple, I swear, but it’s difficult to describe. Begin fluffing your coffee filters by pulling them apart, tucking some edges in toward the center and pulling others out toward the edges. It takes a little playing to figure out how to fluff it best, but I promise it goes quick!livingtheswelllifecoffeefilterwreathtutorial02

8. Take your wreath to a well-ventilated area and finish it off with a coat or two of gold glitter spray. Once it is dry, tie a simple ribbon through your wreath and find the perfect place to display it!
Note: I experimented a bit with different embellishments to finish it off, but the minimalist in me decided I love it best plain with the subtle gold edges and sparkle!  I think I might just leave her up year ’round.

One thought on “DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

  1. tammy ganci

    Hi, I made one of these wreaths!! it came out great but its sooo flat. I need help in fluffing it up, right now it looks like someone sat on it lolol.



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