This little girly of ours has two long, spindly legs that jut out from an over-sized cloth diaper butt, and so there always seems to be a sizable gap between where her pant legs end and her socks begin.  Over the summer we put leggings on her occasionally with onesies, but since this girl has always been a butt-scooter, there were no worries about rug-burned knees and so most of time time she did without. Now that the cold weather is officially upon us, I’ve been breaking out the baby leggings left and right. Love that they keep her a little extra warm while adding a pop of color/pattern/cuteness. These leggings are also the perfect way to up-cycle your favorite pair of socks…Simply cut off the worn-out heels/toes and create something cute and new.


Gather Supplies:
pair of women’s knee-high socks
lace trim (apx 13″)
sewing machine


1. Make a horizontal cut across each sock, approximately 10 inches from the top.  You will use this tube part for the baby leggings.
Note: the foot part of the sock can be discarded…but how cute would it be to lace trim yourself a pair of matching mama anklets!? (;

2. Cut the lace trim: Measure the diameter of the sock when unstretched.  Double this number and add approximately 1/2 an inch for the lace to overlap. Cut a second piece of trim at the same length. (For this particular pair, I used 6 1/2″ of lace for each legging.)

3. Pin the lace around the inside of the sock.

4. Using your sewing machine, topstitch the lace trim to the inside of the sock, guiding your presser foot approximately 1/2″ from the edge of the trim.  The unfinished fabric of the sock will naturally roll away from the seam, giving your leggings an effortlessly finished look.
Note: I had no trouble with the simple rolled edges fraying even after a few trips through the washing machine.  For a more polished look, you could also fold under your sock edges before pinning and sewing to the trim.

Fall-Winter-Kids-DIY-50Layer on your baby and enjoy with bare piggy toes or warm leather moccasins!


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