It is impossible to believe that 4 years ago today, we met this sweet baby boy of ours who instantly colored our world and eventually colored our walls. He is such a joy on every level! I debated back and forth about having a big birthday bash for him this year (4 is a little young still), but the minute we told him about building a rocket ship and taking it to the moon with all of his friends,… Read more »

Hello there! It is officially spring–and I am excited to share a fun little tutorial that I recently created for‘s kid craft section. This is a super simple little project, perfect for bringing a child joy or just as a cluster of springtime decor.  What I love most about these wheels is that they will actually spin when you’re all finished!! Materials & Tools: wooden pencils with erasers scissors straight pearl sewing pins needle nosed pliers colorful cardstock or… Read more »

Hello there friend!! I am delighted that you stumbled upon this new little space of mine.  It’s been a long time coming–I’d been feeling that I’d outgrown my blogspot roots long ago, but had been too busy and too chicken to make the big jump.  Now that our photography schedule has eased up a bit, the day has finally come to begin posting on a big girl wordpress site, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have… Read more »