Every year, I swear there’s something in the crisp fall air that gives me renewed excitement for hand-making things!  Although I shun the Christmas aisle(s) in stores until after Thanksgiving, I know from experience that if you want to give handmade Christmas gifts–your truly need to start early.  It’s perfectly respectable.  There are not enough hours in December for all of the crafting that I love to do!  Which is in part why Amanda and I are hosting our holiday… Read more »

Today I am really honored to share a guest post on the lovely blog Write in Tights! When Amanda asked me to share some of my favorite things about fall, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph some of the wonderful sights/smells/tastes/and feels of the season! Life has been spinning at a dismal pace lately, and I’m glad I took a little time to soak in the season before Jack Frost arrived this week. Please cozy in with your own… Read more »

Each year, I seem to forget how much I adore fall. If it didn’t remind me so much of the imminent and endless winter that lay ahead, I think it would be my favorite season.  There’s something so comforting about turning in earlier each evening and turning on the furnace for the first cold night.  I love pulling out all of the cozy knit things (like sweaters and leg warmers!) that help keep my family warm.  Although I don’t get… Read more »

There are certainly no shortage of pink things around here (after all, it’s one of my all-time favorite colors!), but today a quick and easy triple berry smoothie is coloring my world and tastebuds.  What’s pink in your world today!? Come play along with our weekly photo challenge, by adding #onewordwednesday to your post or insta!  (More deets here).  Next week’s word: PROJECTClockwise from Left: Leslie // Amanda // Jenna // Bethany // Briana

This photo speaks to my heart in a million ways.  I adore the way Jeff is such a strong yet gentle dad and I am so grateful for the tight relationship that he and G share.  I always imagined having a life in which I was a full-time stay-at-home mama who did the lions’ share of the homemaking & parenting, but I am not.  And although I cannot be around to kiss every bruised knee and make every PBJ, I… Read more »