I’ve written this post over and over in my head 1,000 times. The post in which I step back into this long-forgotten space of mine and find words and courage to write once again. The truth is, it’s been a fiercely hard year for me.  As much as it’s true that as a busy mama I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with blogging, it’s far more accurate to say that somewhere in the chaos of moving, remodeling projects, bringing… Read more »

This little girly of ours has two long, spindly legs that jut out from an over-sized cloth diaper butt, and so there always seems to be a sizable gap between where her pant legs end and her socks begin.  Over the summer we put leggings on her occasionally with onesies, but since this girl has always been a butt-scooter, there were no worries about rug-burned knees and so most of time time she did without. Now that the cold weather is officially upon… Read more »

Today was 50 degrees and sunny!  I stepped outside and the feeling was almost unreal.  It has been such a long, bitterly cold winter that it feels amazing to break out my rain boots, jump in melting snow puddles and come out of hibernation mode! This week I was honored with the opportunity to do some early spring cleaning and share a little tour of our home over on Life Made Lovely.  Please hop over and have a peek!  When… Read more »

November is here and has brought with it the chill of winter. It is snowing outside as I write this! For the past couple years, I’ve spent this month writing through 30 Days of Gratefulness. I hadn’t necessarily planned to do the same this year–it seems such a tall order for a girl who blogs so infrequently, but it’s a tradition that I’ve come to love. Even if I seem to list the same things each year, the practice of… Read more »