I think it snowed once in November, but it didn’t really stick and therefore it didn’t really count. This afternoon we got to enjoy our first enjoyable snowfall. There is something so fresh and magic about the first white blanket of the season! I picked G up from preschool and walked him home in a wintery wonderland. Once we arrived in our own front yard, a snowball fight promptly erupted. I didn’t even give him a chance to take off… Read more »

This boy.  Although he’s been up to even more mischief than usual around here, I must say that he’s been awesome at welcoming Violet into our family.  I knew we were throwing a lot of curve balls his way this fall when baby girl was born and the very next week he started a new preschool.  And on top of a new school and new friends, it is a dual language immersion program and basically his first encounter with Spanish,… Read more »

This girl is getting so very big! She is five weeks old already. How I wish I could just bottle up her sweetness and keep it forever! It seems like yesterday I was enormously pregnant, spending long hours at the sewing machine trying to tackle this project with a heart full of anticipation and so much unknown.  I did not know if I’d be tucking a boy or a girl in under these stitches, nor did I know how much… Read more »

It’s crazy that it’s been exactly 4 weeks since this sweet little love joined the world.  We adore this baby girl!  Even more difficult than finding words to write this post, has been finding the time to finally sit down and share a little bit about her birth and first month with us.  Guess I’m just a normal sleep-deprived mama, who would much rather soak up sweet newborn chest naps than sit and stare at a computer screen.  This time… Read more »

Last weekend we ended up having the sort of chill, relaxing weekend I imagine normal people have.  Nowhere we absolutely had to be with nothing we absolutely had to do.  Our weekends are usually filled to the brim with work of one kind or another, so we savored this sweet time and just sort of hung low, caught up around the house, and loved every minute.  We kicked things off with a pizza and movie party on Friday night.  G… Read more »