Threeish years ago, my friend Amanda & I started a thing called Be Crafty, taking turns hosting craft parties at each other’s houses.  So many exciting ideas, opportunities, and projects have transpired since then!  In the last year Amanda has taken the idea under her wing and run with it, most recently transforming it into her own brand, blog + shop, and bringing these lovely workshops to creative women all over the country!  I am so proud of her for… Read more »

I know I have been scarce around here as usual, but despite the lack of posts, the crafting around here reached an all-time high during the holidays.  (:  There is so much joy in giving and especially in giving handmade gifts.  This one was especially noteworthy, although I must preface this post by saying that before making this tool bench for our little boy at Christmas, Jeff and my combined carpentry skills would probably fail any high school shop class…. Read more »

This girl is getting so very big! She is five weeks old already. How I wish I could just bottle up her sweetness and keep it forever! It seems like yesterday I was enormously pregnant, spending long hours at the sewing machine trying to tackle this project with a heart full of anticipation and so much unknown.  I did not know if I’d be tucking a boy or a girl in under these stitches, nor did I know how much… Read more »

Hello lovelies & happy Friday! Just in time for weekend fun, I thought I’d share a quick how-to on making old crayons new again. I’d made a batch like this for G a couple years ago, but since then our crumbled crayon collection has grown immensely. I always love seeing how all of the different color combos melt together into something entirely new and exciting. These circle crayons will fit into the hands of even the smallest artist and I… Read more »

Yesterday afternoon we had a little Easter egg dying party!  G was SO excited to color these–he watched like a hawk while we hard boiled the dozen.  Since I only make eggs this way once a year, I will fully admit I don’t really know what I’m doing! Last year I was super disappointed when one or two of the eggs cracked and leaked in the pot.  This year, I learned a trusty trick and all 12 survived the boiling… Read more »