I always feel a bit conflicted at this time of year, wanting Thanksgiving to feel like the culmination of autumn, magical celebration of harvest and gratitude that it is.  At the same time, I look out my window and see snow and Christmas cheer and I sort of want in on that too. This year I am finding ways to bridge the gap a bit. I’d had an itch to create these felt acorns for quite some time, and split… Read more »

I can’t seem to stop making these little wreaths this year! Something about Christmastime kick starts my crafting. Each wreath I make seems to turn out better than the last. It seems crazy that something so lovely could be so simple and inexpensive to make.  These wreaths are the perfect gifts for all of the hostesses/teachers on my list! 1. Gather supplies: Coffee filters (ever notice how they come in little clumps of 40ish?, that’s because it is the perfect amount… Read more »

This little girly of ours has two long, spindly legs that jut out from an over-sized cloth diaper butt, and so there always seems to be a sizable gap between where her pant legs end and her socks begin.  Over the summer we put leggings on her occasionally with onesies, but since this girl has always been a butt-scooter, there were no worries about rug-burned knees and so most of time time she did without. Now that the cold weather is officially upon… Read more »

It has been forever and ever since I’ve shared any crafty how-tos around here!  I created this bag about a year ago as part of a project tutorial for HGTV.  It has since become my go-to tote for library runs and swimming lessons.  The outer fabric is leftover from a Martha Stewart brand shower curtain I bought for my first apartment in college!  Since then I’ve mixed up my bathroom scheme a few times, but I never parted with the… Read more »

It has been so bitterly cold here.  In January, G’s preschool was cancelled FOUR different days due to dangerously cold windchills.  Blizzard? Two feet of snow? No problem.  But we cancel school here in Minnesota when it’s -40 or something.  Needless to say, we’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever.  I have been racking my brain and that thing called pinterest to find activities to keep this boy busy indoors.  If there is a silver lining in all… Read more »