Life seems to be clipping along at light speed this fall. The boy started Kindergarten. Suddenly the baby is not such a baby, and we’ve hardly had a chance to stop and catch our breath.  We’ve been working in high-gear with so much (wonderful) work in our photography business, but realized it had been too long since we’d pulled out a roll of film for these two doves.  So on a warm Sunday afternoon in September, we scrapped our to-do list and went… Read more »

Over the weekend we had the joy of celebrating our baby girl’s first birthday! It seems so bittersweet and surreal that the snuggly newborn we met 365 days ago has blossomed into a jibbering, scooting, cupcake-loving tot with such a sweet disposition.  Yet at the same time, we can scarcely remember life without her. Since we named her Violet, pretty much her whole life has been flower-themed by default, and her first birthday party was no exception!  We have the most… Read more »

  The sweetness of lilac season always leaves me feeling refreshed and recharged. I love how these beauties bridge the gap between spring & summer.  They come and go so quickly here in Minnesota.  This year it seemed like they blossomed so late, and now are already on their way out. I made sure to clip a few sprigs from my neighbor’s yard last week. After all, they dangle over the fence and hang directly above our backyard compost bin…. Read more »

We have waited all year for this. S e v e n t y and S u n n y.  We’ve been trying to squeeze in as much outside time as possible, enjoying the blossoming trees, bare baby toes, and long days of sunshine.  So this afternoon when my scheduled plans got canceled, I knew exactly what to do.  The kids and I took a leisurely walk to the library, checked out some great new-to-us picture books, and sauntered home for… Read more »

When we were expecting Violet, our friend Chris, who is an amazing local cinematographer, approached us with an idea to create a story about Graham becoming a big brother, but even more of a letter to our new baby about how things were before and when she arrived.  He finished it up this week, and it is the best mother’s day gift I could ever imagine!!! I’ve watched it 20 times already and I still cry every time I see… Read more »