So many creative project ideas pass through my head from day to day. Often it is not the right time or there is not enough time to entertain each idea, but this one in particular had been begging to be made for quite some time. And so, with a piece of pretty pink & blue vintage floral fabric, last weekend I set out to make a little summer sun bonnet for my Penny. Once the final stitch was in place, it… Read more »

We had a really lovely & relaxing 4th of July! I took the kids to the park in the morning for a parade, bouncy house, snow cones, balloon animals, etc. Back home the afternoon, my two highly esteemed berry-snitching batter-licking helpers and I set out to make the most patriotic fruit pizza imaginable. The kind of dessert that makes America so great. (: While the sugar cookie crust was cooling on the counter, I whipped up the cream cheese frosting and rinsed… Read more »

I’ve written this post over and over in my head 1,000 times. The post in which I step back into this long-forgotten space of mine and find words and courage to write once again. The truth is, it’s been a fiercely hard year for me.  As much as it’s true that as a busy mama I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with blogging, it’s far more accurate to say that somewhere in the chaos of moving, remodeling projects, bringing… Read more »

Our precious Penny is already 3 months young, and I’ve finally found a quiet moment to sit down and share the story of her birth! They say that 3rd babies are the game-changers and I’d say this was accurate even on her birthday! This was my longest yet easiest labor–although not by much in both regards.  I am beyond grateful to have had Jeff and my wonderful doula friend Ashley there both to support me and to capture these most cherished images!… Read more »

Our little wildflower turned 2 almost 2 months ago and here I am, finally sitting down to write a little bit about all the sugar and spice we’ve encountered at this sweet stage.  When blowing out her birthday candles and asked her how old she was, she cleverly replied “Not. 6…I’m 2.” (Because big bro is 6!) Back in early September, just before the leaves began to turn in the crisp fall air, we set out to snap a few photos of… Read more »