I always feel a bit conflicted at this time of year, wanting Thanksgiving to feel like the culmination of autumn, magical celebration of harvest and gratitude that it is.  At the same time, I look out my window and see snow and Christmas cheer and I sort of want in on that too. This year I am finding ways to bridge the gap a bit. I’d had an itch to create these felt acorns for quite some time, and split… Read more »

Am finally getting around to sharing a bit about Penelope’s 1st birthday. By the time the 3rd baby rolls around, folks, I believe it’s all about efficiency. Which is why her first birthday invitations were delivered in the form of text messages and although the party was totally thrown together at the last-minute 2 weeks after her actual birthday, I think it was the most simple, meaningful little morning yet. No pomp and circumstance, just a small gathering of people who… Read more »

The sweetest of summer days have long since faded away. And because those days were so filled to the brim, soaking up the splendor of the season and outside as much as possible, I am finally now sitting down to share the last of our summer adventures. One of my most cherished memories of summer twenty-sixteen was a trip to the blueberry fields.  We packed the fam up early one Saturday morning in July and headed to the most magical pick-your-own… Read more »

Another summer in the books. With so much running about, playdates, trips, small-child-rearing, and plain work, our sweet summer days slipped away much too fast. I so easily get caught up and worn out by all of the day-to-day to-dos, that pausing to piece together these photos and words is feeling both refreshing and rusty. In late July, we took a really lovely family trip to Northern California to visit family and friends and attend a wedding. During our 8 sweet days… Read more »

Brave souls that we are, we recently took our little gaggle on a road trip. As they say, traveling with kids is worse than traveling without kids, but way better than never going at all. This is the truth. For instance, we made double the stops in double the time on our way to Colorado. We also choose to detour through the Black Hills, South Dakota, in effort to mix up the scenery a bit. On the first evening of… Read more »