livingtheswelllifeblog 032513-01Hello there friend!! I am delighted that you stumbled upon this new little space of mine.  It’s been a long time coming–I’d been feeling that I’d outgrown my blogspot roots long ago, but had been too busy and too chicken to make the big jump.  Now that our photography schedule has eased up a bit, the day has finally come to begin posting on a big girl wordpress site, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made the switch!  It makes way more sense in so many ways.  Most importantly, I have a clean & splendid slate to set my mind to creating + writing again. Change is good!  I hope you’ll update your bookmarks & google reader (however much longer that lasts!) so that you can continue to follow me here! (:livingtheswelllifeblog032513-02

Not only have I switched up blogs, but I’ve also carved out a new little sewing space in our house. After living in our basement for 6 months, Jeff’s little bro has moved out and we’ve reclaimed the space as a playroom for G and a sewing area for me! It is affording me more room to spread out and feel inspired.  We’ve been spending lots of time down here and I’ve been diving into some sewing projects using vintage sheets, fabrics, and trims.  So fun!

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  1. Lena

    I am so glad you started your started blogging again! I found your blogger back in January and immediately added you to my reader and have been patiently waiting to hear from you!


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