orchard-01Life seems to be clipping along at light speed this fall. The boy started Kindergarten. Suddenly the baby is not such a baby, and we’ve hardly had a chance to stop and catch our breath.  We’ve been working in high-gear with so much (wonderful) work in our photography business, but realized it had been too long since we’d pulled out a roll of film for these two doves.  So on a warm Sunday afternoon in September, we scrapped our to-do list and went swinging in the apple trees.  We made some very happy memories playing in the sunshine, hopping on a hay ride, and licking our fingers after polishing off half a dozen (or so) cinnamon sugar rolled apple donuts.  This was such a sweet day and I know these photos will give me warm fuzzies for many years to come! xo.orchard-03orchard-04living-the-swell-life-blog-102214-02living-the-swell-life-blog-102214-04orchard-08living-the-swell-life-blog-102214-03living-the-swell-life-blog-102214-01

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