Just when we thought that life could not possibly get sweeter…living the swell life blog 032313-01Living the Swell Life Blog 032313-03A little miracle happened, and G is finally going to be a BIG BROTHER!!
Living the Swell Life Blog 032313-02We are SO EXCITED!!! Bebe Deux, due Late August friends!! So far this pregnancy could best be summed up as completely wonderful yet super surreal.

To be extremely transparent for a moment: At this time last year, we were going through a difficult miscarriage. I have never mustered the courage to write about this publicly, but I really wanted to acknowledge that it happened, because it was rough and I know it is so very common. It was a really cloudy time in my life and my heart breaks for anyone who ever has or will face that.  I have never felt so empty and yet so filled by Jesus’ love. It really is true that he is near to the broken-hearted. I am so grateful for sweet friends who prayed over me and helped us heal during that time.

I just felt compelled to be real about this, because it lends so much perspective to exactly how amazingly blessed we’re feeling right about now!  I felt so guarded about our news for the entire first trimester, and surprised myself (and my midwife) when I burst into tears the first time I heard this precious little heartbeat.  And now that my belly has popped and my jeans are super snug, it is feeling more wonderful and real every second.  G is so excited to be a brother and is already hatching all sorts of plans for “our baby”.  This time around, we’re keeping everyone in suspense and saving the gender reveal party for the delivery room!  It is so fun to dream about what we’ll get. (:

11 thoughts on “a little bit of happy news

  1. wallawallavalleygirl.blogspot.com

    This is so, so lovely…ALL of it! Your new space, your new little love! Congrats to you!~Vicki


  2. Casey

    Big congrats to you! I’m sorry for your miscarriage, but I believe that trials like that bring you closer to Jesus! I had a miscarriage before Noah… These babies are such miracles!


  3. Jen

    So very, VERY happy for you! I lost my first pregnancy and know how hard it is. But sweet and treasured are the bonds that came from that suffering and from encouraging others having to endure it. 20 years, one biological and two adopted kids later, we had a shocking little miracle in October. Just wait until you see your son hold his new sibling – so sweet!


  4. Kelly

    I am so, so happy for you! My little D is about to be a big brother any day and it is so, so sweet to see his excitement about “baby sister”!

    Blessings for a healthy, smooth pregnancy! You look great!! Tiny little baby bump! So precious! Kelly


  5. naphtali

    so happy for your news! Thanks for sharing the rest of your story even though it is hard. it makes your newest blessing so much more precious. can’t wait for big reveal!


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