The sweetness of lilac season always leaves me feeling refreshed and recharged. I love how these beauties bridge the gap between spring & summer.  They come and go so quickly here in Minnesota.  This year it seemed like they blossomed so late, and now are already on their way out. I made sure to clip a few sprigs from my neighbor’s yard last week. After all, they dangle over the fence and hang directly above our backyard compost bin.  The lilacs were practically begging to be picked, more and more each trip that I made to this little corner of our yard…

I adore how fresh flowers force you to live and enjoy them in the moment. They are so perfect and fragrant for just a day…And then these particular sprigs were done and droopy almost as quickly as I can get them from backyard to vase.  The fact that they can only be enjoyed a few fleeting moments per year makes them an even more lovely novelty to me.  So happy I made off with a handfull of these and that I made them pose for a photo before they wilted their way back to the bottom of the compost bin…

Now on to peonies. Happy June, friends!

2 thoughts on “here today . gone tomorrow

  1. Jenna

    I couldn’t agree more! They are one of my favorite flowers and they are always gone before I blink. The sweet fragrance makes spring walks through my neighborhood even that much better.


  2. Amanda

    We were walking last night and every so often we would get a sweet smell that was so familiar. Chad said it’s in his top 5 smells easy.

    so short lived. God must just be telling us to enjoy them while we can. like all of our Minnesota summer. :)


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